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Sunday, July 23, 2017

23rd Juy to 21st August 2017 – Month's Global Mundane, Political & Financial Astrological Predictions

The astrological assessment or 'the predictions' based on New Moon Chart:
1.    Restraining the forces will be important.
2.    There will be circumstances that will help build up public opinion seeking strong actions – though the same sentiment could be misused or misinterpreted.
3.    Logic and maturity should be allowed to prevail including long term economic interests.
4.    Dissemination of the correct information should be pursued and done.
5.    Maintaining decorum while being treated non-inclusively will be seen.
6.    In general the lower echelons will not be able to have a say or be attended to.
7.    Self-indulgent tendencies will be on the rise.
8.    The next generation will somehow be able to dominate the proceedings.
9.    Moderate to high precipitation levels could be seen. The winds should be warmer than usual and laden with humidity.
10.  Earthen structures and even the earth's crust could seem to be weak.
11.  Restraints on financial or cash flows could be seen.
12.  Achievements could be genuine so could be the levels of comfort, etc. but they could be marred by a sad sort of aggressive ego.
The Astrological Energy Chart is given below for reference
Astro-Chart (Click on Picture to Enlarge)

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