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Monday, June 26, 2017

24th June to 23rd Juy 2017 - New Moon Global Mundane, Political & Financial Astrological Predictions

The astrological assessment or 'the predictions':

1.    Unearthing will get motivated and will have financial implications.
2.    Investment patterns may change and alternative areas will be preferred.
3.    Wheeling dealing and misdirected things. The logic and pattern will become clear.
4.    Feat of knowledge shall be forthcoming. Could be of value and benefit.
5.    Socially relevant facts and figures shall be released.
6.    Employment sector could have issues but figures could be good.
7.    Legal embattlements could linger but some light could shine through.
8.    Strange dryness to the weather could be experienced. Which could result in localized deluges.
9.    Children could be exposed to, by the traditional path, to the concepts of political divides.
10.  Some decision taken by the authorities could lead to loss of life, etc.
11.  Pursuing wealth and money may take on a sinister trend for this period.
12.  Sectors other than the Government will make inroads into creating a better world.

The Astrological Energy Chart is given below for reference

Check out the markets in comparison.
Astro-Chart (Click on Picture to Enlarge)
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