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Sunday, May 28, 2017

26th May to 23rd June 2017 - New Moon Global Mundane, Political & Financial Astrological Predictions

The astrological assessment or 'the predictions':
1.    Incitements to the excitable elements. This will be so to both sides of the line.
2.    The seemingly in strong position, but in some way intrinsically weak state, will be supported by good counsel and resources.
3.    The legal and intellectual inputs will continue to provide the light.
4.    Desire to test out confrontation will dominate the temperaments.
5.    Investment patterns may continue to be bullish. Flows of moneys will be to and fro.
6.    Indoctrination of the children and the youth will be done in a very benign manner.
7.    Overworked leaders and authorities.
8.    Could be much humidity. Winds flowing from dry to wet areas setting up cycles.
9.    Seismic activity during or near full moon is likely.
10.  Not so significant people who with their wisdom and conservative ways, will provide assuagement.
11.  Intelligence and logic will conclusively lead to strong actions, avoidable by thoughts of future.
12.  Face to face confrontations and debates are likely. Confrontations may be oblique at times.
The Astrological Energy Chart is given below for reference
Check out the markets in comparison.
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AKxyz (Astro)

Wars are an indication of the internal turmoil of the minds.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Need is the Mother of Invention...

Need is the Mother of Invention and,
Invention is the Father of Future Development.

Thus, is the Generation Gap, so described.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

One God ?

One God: Most all religions seek you to believe and purport that there is one God. Then, why the disbelief that the people of so to say the 'other religion' are not praying to the same God as yourself? After all everyone is seeking a little bit more of the same! Even if it does little real good to/ for us.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Socialism & Religion

Socialism & Religion: Historically, Religions seemed to be some sort of socialist movements. However, it is strange that most Socialist movements seem to distance themselves from religion.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

26th April to 25th May 2017 - New Moon Global Mundane, Political & Financial Astrological Predictions

The astrological assessment or 'the predictions':

1.    Governance and authority's role plays will be dominant.

2.    Expenditures will be allocated and undertaken.

3.    Preoccupation with getting recognition from undertaken tasks.

4.    A frenzied state of motivation may appear, but it may be positive.

5.    Information will not be completely accessible and guesswork may be the rule of the day.

6.    Comforting oneself will be dominant too.

7.    Further drying up of the winds will be seen. Heat can definitely be persistent and at times extreme.

8.    Ground shaking events are likely. Volcanic eruptions might be in the news.

9.    Complex dealings in the market. Paying the tax balances. Hidden gains. Complex strategies.

10.  Strange dissatisfaction amongst the organizing working classes.

11.  Legal and educated recourses will be the most beneficial.

12.  Pre-emptive medical strategies will be helpful. Food distribution will be balanced out.

Astrological Energy Chart. Check out the markets in comparison.

Astro-Chart (Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Good Wishes!

AKxyz (Astro)

Corruption is the Achilles Heel of Democracy and its Backbone Practical Principle.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Comparison of Astro Charts and FTSE BBC Global 30 (FTBBC30)

Comparison of Astro Charts and FTSE BBC Global 30 (FTBBC30)

Curves are not exactly in line vertically for the date reference
This is just for a general comparison.
Caution, this is based on Astrological things, as interpreted by the Author


Good Wishes!
AKxyz (Astro)
Democracy and Freedom are the Two Faces of Some Same Coins.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

28th March to 26th April 2017 - New Moon Global Mundane, Political & Financial Astrological Predictions

The astrological assessment or 'the predictions':
1.    Indications exist that wise women may have an important role to play in making things more cohesive, connected and in the protection of well-being services.
2.    New players on the scene.  A more developed vision of corporate social responsibility may become visible.
3.    Diplomacy and long term relations will take on a new appearance and pursued on a more sensible level using the best minds.
4.    Monetary game plays will be done aggressively and might result in gains, which will not be encashable but will have to be redirected to maintain order and control.
5.    Politics will also have a new aspect emerging where the principals of the opposition will seem to be making more sense and somehow adopting each other's policies will be seen.
6.    A good vision and understanding will be undermined by the actual ground realities taking on more sinister character. This may force the hand of the authorities to act rather strongly, but probably wisely.
7.    Dryness of weather may become more prevalent. Temperature records may be set for the present time of the year. This does not rule some fierce storms over the seas and occasional cloud bursts.
8.    An increase in seismic activity is likely to be seen, with the probability of a few large earthquakes.
9.    Migration will continue to fuel the employment goodwill levels. Format changes of salaries may result in more cash available in hand. Employment sector will see increased re-organization.
10.  Some new invention or discovery may be seen. There is also likelihood of recognition to some wise and intelligent work.
11.  People will be motivated; wanting to provide for family with increased incomes, for which they will do whatever it takes to protect self-interests. It is important for the communications channels amongst and to people be kept open, as self-help may be a strong supporting player.
12.  The property business will be seeing some big moves. Legal activities will be positive and increased. Judicial establishment may gain from some new perceptions and experiences.

The Astrological Energy Chart is given below for reference. Check out the markets in comparison.
Mar-Apr 17 Astro Chart
Good Wishes!
AKxyz (Astro)
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


People from all backgrounds, cultures, colors and beliefs have sought happiness, the concept of which the god has implanted in all us, even though in many myriad forms along with the many complex instincts and habits – in a place, where it has seemed that it would be possible away from the attritions of the apparitions that have grown to live as parasites on the souls of people - called America.
People have taken to speaking one language, eating similar foods, working on common projects for common goals. They have even re-defined the meaning of happiness in a dynamic manner to mean things they pursue to please them – and have agreed to abide by strict rules for the system to be cherished and survive for their children, while loving the security of a simple future.
Three strikes is a really strong law and it has been accepted without a murmur, so to speak. But now it seems there is the reappearance of the ghosts of times and places past – which are haunting people to the extent they are feeling insecure to the core. There is some warmth in the physical comforts but in itself there is loss of direction.
America has to deal with these ghosts in a more dynamic and adaptable manner so that they remain banished and restrained for all times in the future, while having a strategy to deal with them whenever they rise.
The love of America for centuries now, clearly proves that if the selfishness were to get diminished in individual groups, world would like to become America. It has been striving to be so with all the trade deals, climate agreements, monetary controls, global awards, global investments, internet, TV, music, movies and even dreams.
There is a real possibility, while assessing the resources of the globe, that proper understanding and management can free not only the present 8 Billion but many times more people with satisfaction of most physical and mental needs of the people in a sustainable and simple manner – including allowing them to enjoy their sordid dreams and/ or spirituality.
In this, all we have to learn to practice is to enjoy but not by causing pains to others. The perpetuity of lawlessness and warlike situations should at least teach us this. Cause neither the wounds nor the scars. Heal them. Create better parallel models while encompassing the likelihood of perpetual conflicts.
Can we obtain our future? Is it in our destiny? Even if not, let us put in place what best we can do for an alternative that keeps hoping for some sort of utopia at the individual level - as integrated and defined by the composite and networked, whether communicatively or otherwise, society. We may need an informal UN part of the visible one, governed by all people with these aspirations and the working ethos will have to be properly documented in a legal framework of natural personal justice applying to all, even though the rights in terms what the can be guaranteed to individuals will be more in the form of 'essentials' required for a sane and healthy survival. This should include global disasters management.
Delivery of justice  will initially only be tied to the global effort to achieve good balanced rational socio-economic structures, with a hope that uniformity in political diversity can be achieved as in America.
Freedom will mean that a person can survive fairly happily individually or with likeminded people without the fetters of governing social and political compulsions, within the legal framework.
Let not the great philosophers and scientists sacrifices go in vain and their souls be eaten away by the cannibals of the borders and numbers – even though we cannot do without them, at  least presently.
©Atul's developing ideas

Sunday, February 26, 2017

26th February to 28th March 2017 - New Moon Global Mundane, Political & Financial Astrological Predictions

The astrological assessment or 'the predictions':

1.    There will be a sort of segregation of two types of lifestyles. One will be the business like motivated and driven to achieve and conquer the other will be to revel and put the seal of ownership.

2.    Clearly the emotional balance will be low and sways will be more visible than not. Self-importance will be seen excessively. This may be accompanied with lack of energy but with self-indulgence.

3.    There will be excessive enthusiasm and self-indulgences which will hamper the good position and thinking of the wise and the judicially minded people.

4.    Strong moves will be taking place which catapult many allied parties into strong positions. This may lead to some more complex type of problems and situations.

5.    The availability of credit will be forced due to balance sheet figures and somehow reduced earnings will give to increased gains and availability of liquidity.

6.    A few natural calamities will be seen which are severe and at times prolonged. Landslides and shifts are likely as a result.

7.    Increase in migration related employment shall be on the rise with higher salaries, but so shall be the changes in career paths or jobs be high.

8.    Not so bad infections and illnesses will tend to become more complex and result in higher expenses which may get politically importance.

9.    People in general will matter even less even though events will give the impression that they are in the driver's seat.

10.  The goings on at home will need to be monitored. A happy or delightful type of state of affairs could be resulting in lack of necessary discipline and self-controls. Children could misbehave.

11.  There will be opportunity for media and communications to free themselves and emerge, but they will tend to have ideological divide which will tend to enmesh them again albeit willingly.

12.  Many opportunities to achieve pseudo liberations. But the vicious cycles recur and – still the ego could tend to move up from the meshes.

The Astrological Energy Chart is given below for reference. Check out the markets in comparison.
To Enlarge - Click on Image

AKxyz (Astro)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

28th January To 26th February 2017 - New Moon Global Mundane Astrological Predictions

The astrological assessment or 'the predictions':

1.    The words nexus, aggressive, dominance, proud, etc. may appear often in context of many things.

2.    Show of financial muscle both for earning more and to feed position building will be seen. Credit taking could be more prevalent.

3.    Moving on to the next relationship will appear often.

4.    Milder weather could move in but a few fairly aggressive and damaging events could be seen.

5.    Personal lives could be playing an important role in the general setup of things.

6.    Increase in work opportunities are seen with increased emoluments. Combined and collaborative things could rise.

7.    Generally the standard logic would be working but mostly only in the background.

8.    Worries about the future could make people act aggressively and sometimes hastily.

9.    Taking blows and encashing them could be seen.

10.  Making gains and money from sickness.

11.  Purposefully creating problems for others to seek future and more compliant response.

12.  Nonstop talking/ singing/ etc. Weak states of mind affecting future things.

The Astrological Energy Chart is given below for reference. Check out the markets in comparison.

Happy Asian New Year!

AKxyz (Astro)