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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

28th March to 26th April 2017 - New Moon Global Mundane, Political & Financial Astrological Predictions

The astrological assessment or 'the predictions':
1.    Indications exist that wise women may have an important role to play in making things more cohesive, connected and in the protection of well-being services.
2.    New players on the scene.  A more developed vision of corporate social responsibility may become visible.
3.    Diplomacy and long term relations will take on a new appearance and pursued on a more sensible level using the best minds.
4.    Monetary game plays will be done aggressively and might result in gains, which will not be encashable but will have to be redirected to maintain order and control.
5.    Politics will also have a new aspect emerging where the principals of the opposition will seem to be making more sense and somehow adopting each other's policies will be seen.
6.    A good vision and understanding will be undermined by the actual ground realities taking on more sinister character. This may force the hand of the authorities to act rather strongly, but probably wisely.
7.    Dryness of weather may become more prevalent. Temperature records may be set for the present time of the year. This does not rule some fierce storms over the seas and occasional cloud bursts.
8.    An increase in seismic activity is likely to be seen, with the probability of a few large earthquakes.
9.    Migration will continue to fuel the employment goodwill levels. Format changes of salaries may result in more cash available in hand. Employment sector will see increased re-organization.
10.  Some new invention or discovery may be seen. There is also likelihood of recognition to some wise and intelligent work.
11.  People will be motivated; wanting to provide for family with increased incomes, for which they will do whatever it takes to protect self-interests. It is important for the communications channels amongst and to people be kept open, as self-help may be a strong supporting player.
12.  The property business will be seeing some big moves. Legal activities will be positive and increased. Judicial establishment may gain from some new perceptions and experiences.

The Astrological Energy Chart is given below for reference. Check out the markets in comparison.
Mar-Apr 17 Astro Chart
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