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Sunday, January 29, 2017

28th January To 26th February 2017 - New Moon Global Mundane Astrological Predictions

The astrological assessment or 'the predictions':

1.    The words nexus, aggressive, dominance, proud, etc. may appear often in context of many things.

2.    Show of financial muscle both for earning more and to feed position building will be seen. Credit taking could be more prevalent.

3.    Moving on to the next relationship will appear often.

4.    Milder weather could move in but a few fairly aggressive and damaging events could be seen.

5.    Personal lives could be playing an important role in the general setup of things.

6.    Increase in work opportunities are seen with increased emoluments. Combined and collaborative things could rise.

7.    Generally the standard logic would be working but mostly only in the background.

8.    Worries about the future could make people act aggressively and sometimes hastily.

9.    Taking blows and encashing them could be seen.

10.  Making gains and money from sickness.

11.  Purposefully creating problems for others to seek future and more compliant response.

12.  Nonstop talking/ singing/ etc. Weak states of mind affecting future things.

The Astrological Energy Chart is given below for reference. Check out the markets in comparison.

Happy Asian New Year!

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