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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Predictions that were and still are for the year.....

Posted in January 2008 at http://www.geocities.com/akxyz, for the year 2008
(these should be read in conjunction with month and mid-month predictions at the site http://www.geocities.com/akxyz or http://us.geocities.com/akxyz)

Excerpts from the predictions:

  • Savings in general will be utilized and in certain cases rapid dissemination of reserves may take place. Accumulation and increase in riches in self's control will be declining.

  • Strong infusions are likely into the markets. Sharp falls will be recorded mostly associated with misplaced over enthusiasm. Strong accounting recoveries are likely to be a good source of positive movements. Unholy leveraging may become visible in other areas.

Also therein for different periods of the year:

13th Sep - 10th Nov: Unlucky

Strong attempts are likely to be made to overcome the systemic problems and bottlenecks. Politics is likely to take on a note of viciousness. There will be politicians who will be vulnerable and security problems could get associated. Financial goodwill will be low which might encourage easing of credit flow. The indices may tend to be more positive. Unexpected deterioration of weather might be seen with build of concentration of humidity. Europe and Africa are likely to be focus of problems and bad news. Proxy influences over Asian areas will continue to be seen. Excitable response and reactions are likely. Sudden incidents of loss of life and vehicles is likely. Revisiting the mergers and alliances. The democratic processes may get more focused. Achievements may be fewer.

10th Nov - 31st Dec: Policies
Cornering power through proxy influences is likely to be strong. Maturity acquiring and learning curve of people will tend to be rather high.
The dramatic extent of political type shows could include strong elements of violence kind of things. Areas of Asia could come under strong direct influence. Political balance and respite may seem to be generated from the South Eastern areas but the effects may fuel the tensions. Restrained rises in the markets may be seeing higher levels of institutional investing. Long term understandings and acceptance will emerge in the workers minds and habits. Diseases could claim lives. New alliances could take shape. Formal war mongering is possible. There may be some strong economic strategies announced or taken up. Future will seem to challenging where the challenging sections may take upon themselves to solve problems.


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