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Monday, December 17, 2007

Predictions for Mid Dec.'07 to mid Jan.'08 ....

Mid Dec.'07 to mid Jan.'08:

  • Profit booking should be present more often as compared to indices raising investments. Tussle over how to divide investments is likely to get a little tougher. In all this the organized and organizing sectors could lose out a little more.
  • Expenditures on electronics and modern gadgetry also being capable of entertainment could top the list of purchases. Desire to aggressive bargains may induce people to spend, sometimes on outdated things.
  • Pressures and disturbances to travel schedules is likely.
  • Weather is likely areas of heat and some places of extreme cold. Warm humidity is likely to be present often.
  • Difficulties and discomforts could be present in many thing leading to irrational attitudes and actions, with some sort of mob attitude dominating the workings.
  • South Asia remains more likely to report casualties. Central areas of Americas could see problems. Western side of Africa/Europe could see important developments, though negative things persist.

Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year !

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