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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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A. General Overall Predictions

1. Regional pacts and understandings. Treaties. Expansion of boundaries.

2. Finances will be over stretched. The system will get its strength from the stability of the work force. The speculative aspects will backfire. Loss of funds. Large inflows and investments with infusions may take place. Mixing and putting together of accounts can absorb much. Falls and much lack of positives may appear. Formal support to travel industry may come. Mergers likely. Property prices and businesses will see moves and changes – which can leave some rather unhappy.

3. Destruction of buildings is likely. Strong winds. Deaths in large numbers. Tectonic activity is likely to be on a high. Break up of vehicles. Mountains and rugged terrains.

4. Suffering of children is likely to increase. Brainwashing ad over enthusing may take place. Remote influences. Mis-administered schools.

5. Military actions and violent things will dominate. Businesses, homes and financial centers may suffer or may such activities.

6. Alliances and mergers will tend to change the political and economic landscape. This may result in small players being washed away or getting isolated.

7. Lives can be lost in slow deaths. Technical failures may be causes. Bad debts are likely to disrupt things. Change of regimes may be affected by financial problems.

8. Religious polarities will be on the increase. Religious influences on governance will be present.

9. Abdication of authority and responsibilities is likely. Changed rules may come in play – as in situations of emergencies or conflict.

10. Year when bargains and bargain hunting will be in vogue. Medical, health and durable consumer goods will dominate. Entertainment and education will also attract expenditure.

11. Changes and at times violent ones in South East Asia. Europe could see disturbed weather. Asia could face situations with death. Middle East capped. Some events in Far East to West coast of America.

12. Global warming will seem to be maturing. Circulatory heat problems. Cloud cover is likely to be high. This could cause its own problems of extremes.


B. Characterization of Different Periods: (World Dateline Day)

1 Jan.-6 Jan., Discomforts: Miscues. Improper understandings. Death and damage due to bad conditions. Losses. Propaganda. Expenditures. Declines. Extremes. Harshness. Emerging. Feminine. Unloading. Change of guard.

7 Jan.-6 Feb., Assertions: Loss of wealth, property, propriety, and value is likely. Unnecessary assertiveness. Ego problems and face offs. Future concerns and problems. Trying to overwhelm the enemy bastion. Close to disaster. Over energized. Lack of precautions.

7 Feb.-27 Feb., Destructive: Chain reactions. Disharmony. Warlike. Turbulence. Mis-accounting. Seeking victory. Sharing losses. Blame game. Alliances. Losses and expenses. Transferring money. Both sides. Naïve politics. Immature pronouncements. Enabling moneys.

28 Feb.-21 Apr., Failures: Season of bad news. Trying to build on past. Support in terms of financials. Angers and disturbances. Debacles and coups. Losses and falls. Heavy casualties. America to Europe. West to East. Deaths in well off regions. Resorts.

22 Apr.-9 Jun., Compromises: Passing on the burdens and problems. Surrogate. Renegades and mercenaries. Infiltration. Provoking. Attacking. Causing political debacles. Realignments. Publicity and public domains. Violence and eruptions. Some real bad incidents.

10 Jun.-6 Aug., Defeats: Stabilities will be disturbed. Fallout of previous disturbances and misdemeanors. Takeovers. Debacles. Loss of control and authority. Internal strife and mutinies. The small people may assert. Revolt like things. Breakdown of communications and travels. A couple of big incidents.

7 Aug.-27 Sep., Law and order: When complex political and other strategies will be put in place and executed. Getting control over things once more. Rubble. Amidst destruction. Death. Cruelty. Extremes. Very strong. Storms. Capping. Governing. Ringleaders.

28 Sep.-18 Oct., Diplomacy: A will to normalize relations. Selfish interests may dominate. Much flexing. Understandings and alliances. Attacks and flushing out. Speeches and memoirs. Strong shakes causing deaths. Closure of terminals. Lowering of interest rates. Increasing heat.

19 Oct.-18 Dec., Losses: Rollercoaster of bad news and figures are likely to appear. Economics and other things could cause concerns. Combination of scarcities and gluts. Falling prices could appear. Calamities could continue to dog. Famine conditions. The elite and those in power could take advantage of situation. Compromise on part of the vulnerable. Deaths. Inept handling and disturbed work patterns. Trying to make things look rosy. Science.

19 Dec.-31 Dec., Future: Concerns for the future will allow people to justify their lowering of their norms an values. Economic indicators and structures will be in focus. Debates. Changing and bending laws. Statistics will not speak the truth.


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